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Week 137

May 8, 2015

Week 137


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 960

Read Psalm 45

Read Jonah 2

What did Jonah do from inside the fish?

What confidence did Jonah have even as the waves swept over him?

To where did Jonah sink?  Who saved Jonah?

When did Jonah remember the Lord?

Who forfeits the grace of God?

From Whom does salvation come?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 961

Read Psalm 46

Read Jonah 3

For the second time, what did the Lord tell Jonah to do?  How did Jonah respond this time?

How many days did a visit to Nineveh require?

What did Jonah proclaim in the city of Nineveh?  What did the Ninevites do?

What proclamation did the king of Nineveh issue when the news reached him?

How did God show compassion on the people of the city?

Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 962

Read Psalm 47

Read Jonah 4

How did Jonah feel about the repentance of the Ninevites?

Why didn’t Jonah want to go to Nineveh in the first place?

Did Jonah have any right to be angry?

Where did Jonah wait to see what would happen to the city?

What did the Lord give for Jonah’s comfort?

Why did Jonah get angry enough to die again?

Why is God concerned about the city of Nineveh?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 963

Read Psalm 48

Read Nahum 1

Against whom does the Lord take vengeance?

Over what does the Lord have power and control?

Who can endure the anger of the Lord?

For whom does the Lord care?  Of whom will the Lord make an end?

Whose affliction will come to an end?

What will the Lord do to the gods of Nineveh?

How thorough will the destruction of the wicked be?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 964

Read Psalm 49

Read Nahum 2

Whose splendor will the Lord restore?

Describe the troops and weaponry of Nineveh?

What is the outcome in the battle for Nineveh?

What becomes of the treasures of Nineveh?

Explain the metaphor of the lions.


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 965

Read Psalm 50

Read Nahum 3

How had the people of Nineveh shown a disregard for human life?

How did Nineveh enslave the nations?

How will the Lord treat Nineveh?

For what should the people of Nineveh prepare?

What had the merchants of Nineveh done?

What will the people who hear of Nineveh’s fall do?


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 966

Read Psalm 51

Read Philemon

To whom does Paul address this letter?

Where does the church meet?

For what does Paul thank God regarding Philemon?

What does Paul want Philemon to understand through the sharing of his faith?

For whom does Paul appeal to Philemon?

Why did Paul send Onesimus back to Philemon?

Why is Onesimus so doubly dear to Philemon?

Who will pay any debts that Onesimus has incurred against Philemon?

What is Philemon to prepare for Paul?


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