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Week 141

June 6, 2015

Week 141


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 988

Read Psalm 73

Read Revelation 7

What were the four angels holding back?

How many servants of God were sealed?

How many were there before John?  What were they wearing?

To Whom does salvation belong?

What is to God forever and ever?

From where had those wearing white robes come?

How will the Lord care for those who serve Him in His Temple?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 989

Read Psalm 74

Read Revelation 8

What did John see after the 7th seal was opened?

What happened when the angel offering incense before the altar hurled his censer to the earth?

What happened when the first angel sounded his trumpet?

…the second?

…the third?

…the fourth?

Why did the flying eagle cry out, “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth”?

Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 990

Read Psalm 75

Read Revelation 9

Who was given a key to the Abyss when the fifth angel sounded his trumpet?

Who were the locusts given permission to harm?

Why will the people of that day seek death?

What did the locusts look like?

Who was released when the sixth angel sounded his trumpet?  What were they released to do?

How many riders were there?

What did the horses look like?

What did the rest of mankind fail to do, even after these plagues?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 991

Read Psalm 76

Read Revelation 10

What did the mighty angel from heaven look like?

Why didn’t John write down what the seven thunders spoke?

By Whom did the angel swear?
To whom did the Lord announce His mystery, which was about to be accomplished?

How did the scroll taste when John had eaten it?  What was he to do afterwards?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 992

Read Psalm 77

Read Revelation 11

Why was John given a measuring reed?  Why was he to exclude the outer court?

How do those who try to harm the two prophets die?  What do the prophets have power to do?

Who will kill them?

How will the people of the earth react to the death of the prophets?

What happened to the prophets after three and a half days?  Where were they taken in a cloud?

What happened when the prophets were taken up to heaven?

When the seventh angel sounded his trumpet, what did the voices in heaven say?

What time has come when the seventh angel sounds his trumpet?

Where was the ark of the covenant?


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 993

Read Psalm 78

Read Revelation 12

What did the woman look like?  Why was she crying out?

Who else appeared?  What did he look like?

Who did the dragon want to devour?

Where was the Child taken?

Who won the war in heaven?

How was the dragon overcome?

Why do the heavens rejoice?  Why is there woe to the earth?

How did the woman escape the dragon?

How did the earth help the woman to escape the devil’s river?

Who are the offspring of the woman?


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 994

Read Psalm 79

Read Revelation 13

What did the beast from the sea look like?

Why did men worship the dragon and the beast from the sea?

What did the beast utter with his mouth?  Whom did he slander and blaspheme?

Whom did the beast conquer?  Who will worship the beast?

Why do the saints need patience to endure?

What did the beast of the earth look like?  What did he have authority to do?  What is his number?


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