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Week 142

June 19, 2015

Week 142


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 995

Read Psalm 80

Read Revelation 14

Who was standing before John?  Where was He standing?  Who was standing with Him?

What sound did John hear?

Who only could learn the new song?  How are they described?

What is the angel in midair proclaiming?

What does the second angel say?  The third?

Whom does the voice from heaven say is blessed?  Why are they blessed, according to the Spirit?

Who was sitting on the white cloud?  What did He look like?

What happened to the “grapes” of the earth?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 996

Read Psalm 81

Read Revelation 15

What sign did John now see in heaven?

Who was standing beside the sea of glass mixed with fire?  What were they singing?

What did John see when he looked into heaven?  What came out?

With what was the temple filled?

Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 997

Read Psalm 82

Read Revelation 16

What happened when the first angel poured out the bowl of wrath?
The second?

The third angel?

The fourth angel?

The fifth angel?

What did the people still refuse to do?

The sixth angel?

Who is blessed?

Where did the kings gather?

What happened when the seventh angel poured out his bowl?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 998

Read Psalm 83

Read Revelation 17

Who is the angel showing to John?  How did she sin?

On what was the woman sitting?  With what was the beast covered?

What was the woman wearing?  What did she have in her hand?  What title was written on her forehead?

On what had the woman become drunk?

How does the angel explain the beast?  What are the seven heads?  The ten horns?

Against Whom will the kings of the earth make war?

What do the waters represent?
What will become of the prostitute?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 999

Read Psalm 84

Read Revelation 18

What was this angel from heaven like?
For whom has Babylon the Great become a home?

How did the merchants of the earth grow rich?

Whom does the angel call out of Babylon the Great?

What will happen to Babylon the Great in the end?

Why will the kings weep when they see Babylon burning?

Why will the merchants weep?

How quickly did the ruin of Babylon come against her?

What will never be found in Babylon again?


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 1000

Read Psalm 85

Read Revelation 19

What was the great multitude in heaven shouting?

Why are they so glad in heaven?

Who is the bride of the Lamb?  How have the saints been prepared for the wedding?

Who is blessed?

Why did the messenger stop John from worshiping him?

Who is the rider of the white horse?  How is this rider described?

What does the angel say to the birds?

What happened to the beast and those who opposed the Lord?


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 1001

Read Psalm 86

Read Revelation 20

What was the angel from heaven holding?  Who does He grab?  Where does He throw him?

Who were seated on thrones?  Whose souls did John see?

Over whom does the second death have no power?  For how long will they reign?

What will happen at the end of the thousand years?

What happened to the devil and those who came with him to fight against God?

Who stood before the great white throne?  How were the dead judged?

Who was thrown into the lake of fire?

Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 1002

Read Psalm 87

Read Revelation 21

What replaced the first heaven and the first earth?

How had the New Jerusalem been prepared?

Where will God live?  What will He do for His people?

What did the One seated on the throne say?

Who will inherit all this?  Whose place is the lake of burning sulfur?

What did the bride of the Lamb look like?

What were the dimensions of the city?  From what was it made?

Why wasn’t there a temple in the city?

From where does the city receive its light?

What will never enter the city?

Who will enter the city?

Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 1003

Read Psalm 88

Read Revelation 22

What flowed down the middle of the great street of the city?  What stood on both sides?

Where will God’s throne be?  Whose name will be on their foreheads?

Who will give them light?  For how long will they reign?

Who is blessed?

What does Jesus bring with Him?

Who is blessed?  Who is outside?

What is offered to the thirsty?

What will happen to those who add or subtract from these Words?


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