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Week 136

May 1, 2015

Week 136


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 953

Read Psalm 38

Read 1 Thessalonians 4

In what did Paul instruct the Thessalonians?

What is God’s will in regard to our lives of sanctification?

How will God treat those that ignore this instruction?

How do Christians try to win the respect of outsiders?

Why don’t we grieve like the rest of men when someone dies?

What will happen when the Lord comes down from heaven?

With what words are we to encourage one another?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 954

Read Psalm 39

Read 1 Thessalonians 5

When will the day of the Lord come?

What will people be saying when destruction comes on them?

Why won’t the day of the Lord surprise us?

How should we act as those who belong to the day?

For what did God appoint us?

How are the Thessalonians to show love for God and for each other?

Why can we always be joyful?

What are we to test?

Who sanctifies you?

Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 955

Read Psalm 40

Read 2 Thessalonians 1

Who writes the letter of 2 Thessalonians?

Why does Paul always thank God for these brothers?

About what does Paul boast in the churches?

For what are the Thessalonians suffering?

When will relief come for those who are troubled?

Whom will the Lord Jesus punish?  How?

How were the Thessalonians included among those who will be glorified?

What does Paul pray for in regard to the Thessalonians?

Whose name does Paul want to be glorified through the Thessalonians?

How will the Thessalonians be glorified?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 956

Read Psalm 41

Read 2 Thessalonians 2

What will happen before the day of the Lord comes?

How is the man of lawlessness identified?

When will the man of lawlessness be revealed?

What was preventing the secret power of lawlessness from working fully at the time of this letter?

How will the lawless one be overthrown?

What will the lawless one display in his coming?

Why will they perish?

Through what did God choose the believers to be saved?

How has God called these individuals?  Why?

What does Paul pray that the Thessalonian Christians would be strengthened in?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 957

Read Psalm 42

Read 1 Thessalonians 3

For what does Paul request prayers?

Who is always faithful?

Who are the Thessalonians to stay away from?

How did Paul live while he was among the Thessalonians?

What rule did Paul give the Thessalonians?

Why are the Thessalonians to stop associating with anyone who doesn’t follow the instruction of his letter?


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 958

Read Psalm 43

Read Obadiah

About whom does the Lord have a message?

Into what kind of nation is the Lord going to turn Edom?

Where do the people of Edom make their home?

Who will turn against Edom?

Why will God bring destruction against Edom?

What should Edom not have done?

What will happen on the day of the Lord?
Where will deliverance be found on the day of the Lord?

To Whom will the kingdom belong?


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 959

Read Psalm 44

Read Jonah 1

Where did the Lord tell Jonah to preach?

Where did Jonah head instead?

How did the Lord prevent Jonah from getting to his destination?

When the sailors cast lots to find out who was responsible for the storm, on whom did the lot fall?

What happened to the sea when the sailors threw Jonah overboard?

What did the men do after the sea grew calm?

How did the Lord save Jonah from drowning in the sea?


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