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Week 139

May 22, 2015

Week 139


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 974

Read Psalm 59

Read Malachi 2

What will the Lord do if the priests do not honor the name of the Lord?

How did Levi treat the Lord and His name?

Why has the Lord caused the priests to become despised?

How has Judah broken faith?

Why does the Lord stop accepting sacrifices, even those offered with crying and tears?

How does the Lord feel about divorce?

How had Israel wearied the Lord?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 975

Read Psalm 60

Read Malachi 3

Who can endure the day of the Lord’s coming?

For what will the Lord come near?

Why aren’t the descendants of Jacob destroyed?

How had the people been robbing God?

What will the Lord do for the people if they bring Him their tithes?

What happened when those who feared the Lord talked with each other?

Between whom will the Lord make a distinction?

Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 976

Read Psalm 61

Read Malachi 4

What will happen to the evildoer?  What will happen to those who revere God’s name?

Whom will the Lord send before His great and dreadful day?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 977

Read Psalm 62

Read James 1

To whom does James address this book?

Why can Christians be joyful when they face trials of many kinds?

What should someone who lacks wisdom do?

How should we ask?

What does the one in a humble position take pride in?  What about the one who is rich?

What will the Lord give to the one who perseveres under trial?

Does God tempt anyone?

What gifts does the Lord give?

Why should we be quick to listen and slow to anger and speech?

What should we get rid of?

How do some people deceive themselves?

How does the Lord want us to put our religion into practice?



Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 978

Read Psalm 63

Read James 2

Why should we avoid showing favoritism?

Whom has the Lord chosen to be rich in faith?

What is the royal law found in Scripture?

Who is a lawbreaker?

How will the Lord treat those who are unmerciful?

What is faith if it is not accompanied by deeds?

Who believes that there is one God?
How did Abraham show his faith when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac?

How did Rahab the prostitute demonstrate her faith?


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 979

Read Psalm 64

Read James 3

Why shouldn’t many presume to be teachers?

Even though the tongue is small, what can it do?

How do believers sometimes use their words?

How should those with wisdom show it?

From where does envy and selfish ambition come?

How is the wisdom from heaven described?


Through My Bible in Three Years: Day 980

Read Psalm 65

Read James 4

From where do fights and quarrels come?

Why don’t they receive when they ask God?

How do the people show hatred for God?

What will the Lord do to those who humble themselves before Him?

Who are you to judge your neighbor?

How should we talk about the future?

Who sins?


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